Charging points for Electric Vehicles – Are motoring enthusiasts too busy polishing their vintage cars?

From the Tyne Bridge to Jamaica Road, even a cocker spaniel puppy would see the lunacy of leaving bullocks, SUSTRANS, in charge of a china shop

EV Revolution. It’s all going to happen soon. When will UK catch up with USA?

Why doesn’t AA and RAC lobby for fast chargers, sadly continue to let cycling lobby, Sustrans, plan UK’s urban roads with cycle lanes – narrower roads, more congestion, slower traffic, more toxic fumes and more cycling accidents for NHS? Too busy polishing their vintage cars? They should campaign to demolish empty town & cities megastores and build multi-storey carparks with charging points. Life to High Street and boost to Auto industry.

STOP PRESS Latest cycle lane: Jamaica Road SE1. Official Advice for drivers “Driving For a quicker and easier journey use an alternative route or travel outside peak periods. Otherwise you should allow more time for your journey.”

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