ARE YOU SHOCKED? YOU SHOULD BE. Do you know about EVgo?


EVgo Announces 40% Growth in Its California Fast Charging Network

100 Million American already live within a 15-minute drive of one of EVgo’s fast-charging stations for their EV cars. No wonder the car industry is tooling up fast to supply them. Nissan, already producing the single pedal Leaf here in partnership with EVgo in USA. Tesla.

In the UK some people are so busy trying to put toothpaste back into the tube that they have forgotten to clean their teeth. The stupidosi!

Here, many don’t know how far ahead the USA is, but they certainly should. Or, do they hate all things American,  don’t like profit driving change even when for the better, and don’t like cars? They do like their bikes. They make them. They sell them. They hire them. They ride them. And they think you are a fool if you don’t like them too. Instead they spend millions of £s on cycle lanes nation-wide to help you even when any other way of getting around is better and safer, much safer if an electric bike hired out sans helmet.

The DfT should have told Boris, but Sustrans, the cycling charity and lobby and their pals in Whitehall and the media do not want you to know. Their pen pals in Germany, Holland and Denmark don’t want you to know either. The nanny-knows-best brigade.

They have a different agenda altogether to save the planet.

A bike with a helmet is still a great Xmas or Chanukah present. I can still remember when I got mine. Today, it’s much more dangerous. So, when you ride it, take care, take very great care.

But remember, ironically, some urban cycle lanes slow traffic down and increase pollution; they’re like tiny bits of spaghetti floating in the gravy alongside the roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. Indigestible.



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