My 4th Student Podcast Part 2 Cycle Lanes & Sustrans. The media’s best kept secret

Student Podcast No 4 Part 2 exposes the cycling lobby, Sustrans, responsible for idiotic pop-up cycle lanes nationwide.

It calls the £2bn spend on walking and cycling “Operation Titanic” – serious cycling accidents are the iceberg. RoSPA and the Department of Transport rely on police incidents for their stats – the top of the iceberg – when RoSPA says true figures may be two or three times more.

Not surprisingly, over 60% of people believe it is too dangerous for them to cycle.

Although billions of pounds have been committed to promoting cycling, the number of cyclists has flatlined over the last ten years and they are still about only 1 percent of all road journeys.

Sustrans has become the executive arm of Government in road planning, in central and local government they are now part of the fixtures and fittings. In Newcastle, photographs illustrate the idiocy of their policy and the duplicity of its presentation.

Sustrans are the media’s best kept secret.

The next podcast will expose the Ombudsmen who aren’t and the lawyers who give them aid and comfort.


Nigel Havers joins the protest

Including the “man in the Clapham ambulance” in a tailback.

New eco-friendly routes get ONE biker for every 400 motorists on road | Daily Mail Online

And in the Daily Telegraph too!


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