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Another Bite into a Wormy Apple

May 13th, 2009

Here I give you the first and, so far as I am concerned, the last law of good civil administration: Those who serve the public should be fully accountable to the public. I have already suggested that OFSTED should examine the handling of all formal complaints against LEAs, making this part of their official report, and be obliged to put it into the public domain. I have also urged that the TV programme Watchdog expose administrative cock-ups.

We have an Ombudsman positioned to provide the citizen with a check on the abuse of power by the civil service. As matters stand those serving on public bodies such as Boards of Governors have no right of access with a complaint unless they can show personal loss. Informed whistleblowers keep out!

Here is another suggestion. Empower the Ombudsman to takeĀ allĀ complaints from any UK citizen against State mismanagement or malpractice when all other forms of complaint have been exhausted, and again put the report into the public domain.

MPs are currently being shamed into putting their house in order. It is high time that the civil service was also shamed into putting its house in order in every tier of government.