Emily Maitlis & Newsnight – When will YOU get Ahead of the Game, not just Sniping?


Tonight you were worried about getting factories making cars working and bringing life back to Liverpool city centre.

Fast chargers for EV, Fast chargers for EV, Fast chargers for EV.

Just when will you open your eyes?

And worried about Care Homes in Covid -19 and the unequal importance of PPE for their staff. A bit late in the day there. The fault line was there when NHS created in 1948 but no one then anticipated the need for nursing care in residential care homes and nursing homes for vast numbers of people living into their 80s, 90s and beyond .The modern-day hospice movement came into being in 1967 when Dame Cicely Saunders founded St Christopher’s House in London.

Labour as well as Conservative Governments ducked the issue ever since. Hypothecated National Health Insurance one step too far, with contributions after retirement when you need it most.

And just when will you open your eyes to this too?

Take 100 lines – “I must be blind!”


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