Do you realise how you are being got at and by whom – conditioned, brainwashed by word and deed?

George Orwell 1984

Little words – short Tweets – shape thoughts

Politicians, lawyers, social engineers provide them. Their friends in the media repeatedly parrot them. Their unthinking compatriots echo them. These words play on fear, guilt, envy, and some very wishful thinking.

Just two or three little words – Inclusion, Equality and Human Rights – sold you the closure of over 100 special schools in the UK. They solve the problems of the highly complex world of special educational needs. Who can object? In this trailer to my next two articles, just three little clicks and you will see the danger.

The process began in 1976 in the House of Lords! Now click and and see cause and effect.

 If you take the Times Educational Supplement, as I do, you will see that stressed teachers, anxious parents, and the kids themselves, some okay, but others bullied, mentally and emotionally scarred, self-esteem diminished, deprived of expert tuition and care needed to meet the multiplicity and infinite variety of their needs are still hitting the fan over 40 years later; a vast amount of money and effort since notwithstanding.

My next articles will give you more slogan words all of which should carry a red warning sign. And the article after that, the dirty deeds that complement them.

Heed George Orwell’s warning


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