Student Debt hinders Social Mobility – Sin a little with more Scholarships and Bursaries


Student debt in the USA is now over $1.1Trillion, in the UK is approaching £100Billion. Does this worry you? It should.

The pursuit of Equality does not lead to greater social mobility. It leads to social enslavement.<YouTube> Click here to hear more. Sorry if this upsets egalitarian zealots.

Student debt in the USA and the UK makes it impossible for many graduates to aspire to own their own homes or buy a pension. High time to stop making “selection” and “competition” dirty words, and award scholarships and bursaries to the many not the few.

Certainly award scholarships and bursaries for those subjects where you badly need graduates – doctors, nurses, mathematicians, earth scientists &c. but not for media studies!

It shouldn’t cost too much considering the millions of $s and £s the State loses in unpaid loans, and money very well spent. There is plenty of money around if you finally consign feudal deference to landowning to the history books. 

Of course if you hate competition or you are afraid of excellence  and confuse it with elitism, die a little. You won’t agree with me. Otherwise I hope you do.

Question 1 – Is a Society that cannot aspire to own its own home not as free as one that can? Is it a dependent one? Does it end up having to be more obedient, more subservient? There is a word for it. Feudal!

Question 2 – In the USA poor blacks and hispanics were encouraged to borrow to exercise the human right to buy their own homes and we had the toxic debt of the credit crunch. Are students now being encouraged to borrow to exercise their equal human right to higher education? Is this just wishful thinking, vote catching or both? You tell me.

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  1. […] Debt, especially student debt. A passport for some, enslavement for many. With it you can’t buy a home, you can’t put money into pension. You can’t be truly yourself. Selection and Scholarships should not be dirty words. They provide the very best way to achieve social mobility. […]

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